Friday, 21 September 2018

Cooking: Sweet Chili Chicken

Sweet Chili Chicken

Boil your chicken for 15 mins

Lay it out on a baking tray

Top up with salt, white pepper.
mix herbs, and chili sauce

Bake for 20 mins

Monday, 17 September 2018

Kiwican: WK9 TM3


In today's Kiwican lesson, we learnt about perseverance and resilience. 
Perseverance means to keep on trying and trying new strategies to solve
something and resilience means participating in challenges and bouncing back.
For our energizer we played ball tag and our activity was pictionary.

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Friday, 14 September 2018

Cooking Class: Nachos

Cooking Nachos

For today's cooking class we made nachos. 
We used mince, onions, cheese and beans. 
We diced and sliced the onions
before cooking it. We then added the mince 
along with the beans. In the end we added
the cheese and cooked it some more. 
We all got a pile of chips each and 
added our food to it. 

Cooking Class: Pancakes

Cooking Pancakes

Last week for cooking class at tech we made pancakes.
We used: Flour, sugar, milk, butter, eggs, and salt to make
out pancakes. We also used: Measuring cups, bowls, spoons
a spatula and whisking spoon. 
In the end we got to add golden syrup to out

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Something Alive - Jem Yoshioka

Something Alive
By Jem Yoshioka

Q: How can you relate to this text?
A: I sadly can’t relate, but I totally understand Jem’s perspective.

Q: What does she mean when she says “I’m lost in both places”?
A: Jem was born in New Zealand but her ancestors came from Japan. Maybe she's saying that she doesn't feel entirely japanese and so she's lost? I mean it can get rather confusing and frustrating when you hardly know much about where you come from or your identity.

Q: How does Jem feel about her heritage?
A: Jem feels lost and worthless

Q: What does she mean when she says “I am learning” and “I am trying”?
A: In the story she is trying to learn Japanese, meaning she’s trying her best

Q: What symbols are present in the text & images?
A: The Bunny

Q: How effective are the images?
A: Very effective because I know that some of the images have a meaning  

Monday, 10 September 2018

Music - WK8 TM3


In today's music lesson we learnt about ukulele chords, recorder notes and
intervals. We played a few songs on the ukulele and recorder. I think I have
learnt a lot from our music lessons, they are very enjoyable and fun.

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Monday, 3 September 2018


Kiwi can

Today's kiwi can lesson was about perseverance. It means keep trying even when you fail. For our energiser we played a game called, perseverance challenge.
It was fun but challenging. After that we played a game
called blind square. It was entertaining but hard. 
Lastly we ended with our points, we got 23.