Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Camping with 3 bears

In writing this week we learned about writing for a specific audience. We realized the differences between writing for adults, kids, teenagers, and the eldery. 

So I made a fictonal recount that is most suitable for young childeren. 

(Click the blank area to make the photos appear)

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The meaning behind photos

In reading this week we have been learning how to read between the lines.
But in this case we are inferencing a photo. So we looked at some pictures in a book called Six Photos. In each photo there were different meanings behind them. They were also taken in the 1900 century. 
So they are a bit different from now days photos.

In this photo is a picture of an object (strawberry plushie).
It was placed on a chair in front of books.
The backround shows chapter books in our school library.

This is what our current books/library looks like. Compare this to a photo 100 yers ago and there will be a few differences.

I wonder if you can make a inference about this photo?

Timeline - History of New zealand

This is what I learnt about New zealand when I was at camp.
I used thinglink to create this.

Pt England Production - Live Stream

Pt England Production - Live Stream

Yesterday the whole of Glenbrae school went to Pt. England school to see a live production.
Kids dressed up as animals and objects. There were 5 main chracters all based on New zealand animals.

 There was a Pukeko, eel, possum, tutara, and a frog. The eel got very sick due to the filthy rubbish she was surrounded  by in her lake. So the 4 other friends set to find their friend another place to live. The tutara called upon the Taniwha. The Taniwha took them to many extraordinary places including: antartica, the amazon rainforest, dessert, london, rocky mountains, and others. All of the places they visited were not suitable for the eel to live in. So once they got back to New zealand, all 4 of the friends decided to stay where they are but clean the area. They picked up all of the rubbish, making the eel healthy again.

At first I was impressed with the amount of confidence they had. Also the acting was not bad. I just think that the mic should be fixed or replaced, because it was kind of annoying and I couldn't hear some of the things they were saying.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Dog Handlers Visit

Dog Handlers Visit

Today on the 26th of September, Glenbrae school had a special visit from the police dog handlers. Dog handlers are people that have the role of a normal policeman they just use a dog to help them.
In this case two men came to our school with their dog, Kase.
Collin, held tight onto kase’s leash while they walked into the middle of everyone. He explained what, how, where, why, and what the dog and Collin does.

Kase is a male german shepherd that weighs 39kgs. He was trained ever since he was a only a few weeks. They came from Wellington’s Dog School. They taught him how to do many thigns. Now Kase works with Collin and Grant to help catch bad guys.

Towards the end, Grant grabbed a sleeve which was soft but protective. Kase was realsed from her leash as Grant ran away. Kase ran after him, catching Grant under 3 seconds. We were suprised to see how fast he could run and how hard he could bite. At the end we got to ask questions and even pat the dog.
I learnt quite a lot from what Grant and Collin had to say. It was very interesting.

Friday, 22 September 2017

DigiTech - Context Brainstorm for NZ Election

In Digitech this week we have learnt how to create a context brainstorm. This is my brainstorm about the NZ Election. It has key words that each have something to do with the election. I also put pictures to help more.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Brushing our Teeth

Brushing our Teeth

What is brushing our teeth?
Brushing our teeth is a hygenic way to keep our teeth clean.
We use a toothbrush and toothpaste. We do this process
Two times a day for 2 minutes.

How to brush your teeth
First, you’ll want to grab your toothbrush and toothpaste.
Wet your toothbrush then apply the toothpaste on top.
Lightly wet it again with water. Now you put the toothbrush
In your mouth and  brush your teeth gently. Make sure to
Brush the top, bottom, back, front and tongue.
If you’re brushing your gums make sure to be gentle or else
It will bleed.

Why we need to brush our teeth
If we didn’t brush our teeth daily then our teeth would be filled with bacteria. Plus our breath would smell disgusting. And to be honest no one wants that. So that is why we brush our teeth.

Why teeth get dirty?
Our teeth get dirty for heaps of reasons but here are some of the main reasons. First of all the sugar of our food get stuck onto our teeth which leave behind what we call plague. Our teeth can also get filthy from NOT brushing our teeth. If we did not clean our teeth then the bacteria would  stay there and grow bigger and bigger.

So in conclusion everybody should brush their teeth daily.
Unless you want to have bad breath and holes in your mouth.