Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Cleaned to Perfection

Vacuuming, folding clothes, and scrubbing is what my mum and I will do for today. In other words we are cleaning our house until it sparkles. To me cleaning is actually really fun ( depends what i'm doing). So that's what i'm doing today what about you?.


  1. Hi Davarni!

    It sounds like you are a huge help to your mom around the house. I also quite like cleaning (when I'm in the right mood for it)!

    Last week-end my son, Aronui, and I cleaned our house. We vacuumed each room, cleaned the dishes, washed the laundry and mowed the lawn. My partner, Andy, hurt his knee awhile ago so he isn't able to help to do many of the chores right now. Fortunately, like you, Aronui is a great helper! We often put our music on and sing away while we clean.

    Do you and your mom listen to music when you're cleaning, too?

    I hope that you will continue to be a bit help to your mom. If you have the opportunity (once the cleaning is done), please consider joining our holiday blogging programme. It's called a Summer Learning Journey and it's really fun! You can earn points for your blogs and be in to win cool prizes.

    The Summer Learning Journey has 60 different activities for you to choose from. They can be found on the 'Weekly Activities' tab on the Summer Learning Journey website (

    Please hop onto the site to check it out and see if you'd like to join in.

    We hope that you will!

    Rachel :)

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  3. Hey Rachel,

    Me and my mum do listen to music when we clean. Somehow it helps. Well I've put some thought into it and I will join the SLJ.

  4. That's awesome news, Davarni! Both Mark and I can't wait to blog with you this holiday. Feel free to hop online and check out the activities whenever you want. We'll keep an eye on your blog and post a comment when we see your first SLJ post appear :)

    Rachel and Mark