Friday, 10 February 2017

Water Fun Day

Water Fun Day

For todays schedule my school did something diffrent. Today was Water fun day. The title can give you hint what made us so tired. It’s just a day where our whole school particapates in fun activities. It just envovles water. Everyone puts on face paint and wears the colours of there house. There are diffrent stations like
  • Under the chairs
  • Walk the plank
  • Under Over
  • Zig Zag
  • Slip and Slide
  • And Three legged race

I was in Rata house but I then voluntereed to move into Kauri house. Oh and we have 4 bins that have each of our house colours - Rata, Nikau, Kauri, and Kowhai. At the end the house with the most water wins.

I’ll just get straight into the good bits. Since I am in RM8 we started off with the one of the easiest and that was Walk the plank. You have bucket full of water which also contains half a milk container. We use it to fill up our bins. Once we heard the belll ring I ran arcross the plank and ran staraight to bins. Little while after the bell rang again. That’s when each class moved to the next station. Our one was the Three legged race.
In this activity we have to run in pairs. It’s simple if you know how to copearate with other people. So theres a bucket in front you and your partner inside that is a cup. Then all you and your partner has to do is run to the bins and tip the water in.

After that was Under Over. In our groups we line up and once the bell rings the person in front grabs the sponge which is in the bucket. We gotta go under and over until it reaches the person at the back. That was probably my favourite. Moments later it was time for us to move. Next was the Zig Zag station. This is where one at a time each member ina group runs down zig zaging to there house bin. Simple and fun. I couldn’t join in on the next two activities. The next one was Slip and Slide. I think this is probably the funniest station. One by one people sliding and sliping down. They had fun but now was time for my least favourite one. Under the chairs was a simple activity but i’ve never liked it because it always hurt my legs and made them itchy. Students just had to crawl under a row of chairs with there cup in there hand. After this had finished they annocued the winner.

I was really happy because KAURI WON. It was good for Kauri but not Nikau, they came last. Eveyone settled down because straght after was a water fight. Every student in the seniors recived a water ballon. Myn was actually popped by someone while I was trying to throw it at someone. Not long after was morning tea.


  1. Hi Davarni, what a fun morning we had! You have done a great job to describe the activities so clearly and to support your audience to understand what happened during the day. You might like to add this video ( to your post to show the activities in action (hopefully Mrs Kelly will share some photos soon as well).

  2. Hi Darvani, it seems like you have had a fun day and I like how much information you wrote