Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Lorax

The Lorax

On Friday 17th March my class watched a movie called The Lorax. It's written by Dr. Seuss. He is famous for rhyming when telling stories. So for most of the day we watched The Lorax.  We watched this movie it teaches a lesson to all to me it means, the more trees we cut down the less air we get and the more polluted our world will get. While we  were watching it we had to fill our 8 questions.

Here are the questions. I also filled them in. ~

1. What was the role that Dr.Seuss gave the Lorax and to the Once-ler?
a) Lorax ~ Guardian of the tress
b)Once-ler ~ Inventor & Salesman

2. Who do you identify and why?
c) Animals because they can't survive without fresh air,  food, water, and shelter.

3,A "thneed" is defined as a fine thing that everyone thinks they need. What are some examples of " thneeds"?
d) Water, trees, air, and food

4. How could the "thneeds" have been made without destroying the Truffula trees?
e) Animal fur or they could have cut  down some while at the same time they could have been platning more.

5. What enviromental conflict is illustrated by the conformation between the Lorax and Once-ler? Compare this to actual enviromental conflicts that occur everyday.
f) Deforestation, Air pollution, Water pollution, and less food.

6. Give three examples of envirmental problems created by the actions of the Once-ler
g) Water pollution, Air pollution, and less tress

7. Who are the Swoomee swans, Barbaloots, and Humming Fish?. What was their fate?
h) Animals return when the trees are being replanted

8. Why do you think Dr.Seuss wrote the Lorax?
I) Because he is making people realize what will happen if we cut down trees and also he's tryna make others notice that the world without nature would our lives wouldn't be able to survive.

Image result for truffula tree movie
(This is what a "thneed" is made out of ⬆)

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  1. Hi Davarni,

    It is great that Dr Seuss' message was made clear to you as you watched the Lorax. He is trying to show what would happen if we polluted our environment. Did you know Dr Seuss wrote this book in 1971? This was such a long time ago but his message is still relevant today.