Thursday, 9 March 2017

Why we should drink more water?

Why we should drink more water?

Water is extremely important to people & animals. If we didn’t have water we wouldn’t be able to survive. So luckily we have water, but why do we need water? Water can reduce your weight & make your muscles strong. It also improves your skin & mood. Not only does it reduce & improve your body it also helps stop the bad side effects if you stopped drinking water.

Weight loss & getting abs is a lot of people’s wish. So don’t use pills or get plastic surgery. Instead of doing all of that ~ DRINK WATER!. Water is very important for our bodies. It helps grow muscles and supports weight loss. So if you want to grow some muscles & lose some weight drink water.

Not only does it do that, it also improves your skin & mood. Maybe if you wanna look younger you can drink water. Also if you're not feeling well you can drink some water. No need to use  that hand cream of yours because now you can drink water & don’t change your style of clothes because that’s needing to buy more clothes instead DRINK A GLASS OF WATER!. And if you're not in a good mood or feeling unwell, you can take medicine but you can also have a glass of water.

Last but not least is if you stop drinking water crazy stuff will start happening. We all know that it’s good to drink water but what happens if we stopped. Well you may feel dehydrated, headaches can occur & also dryness or stickiness on skin, mouth, lips, & Tongue. Next your body temperature will not function properly. It can also cause toxin to build up. Then your joints will start to feel sore & you’ll have a long time feeling sick. There are other side effects if you don’t drink water, but one other side effect is if you get really hungry when you are actually thirsty.

Even though some people don’t like water because it doesn't have any taste, don’t let that stop you from drinking water. Water is a liquid we need everyday. Remember that not everyone has water. Now you know how important drinking water is so have a glass of water now & then it will keep you healthy & good looking.
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  1. Hi Davarni,

    I can see you had lots of really great ideas when writing this! You also followed the structure of an explanation, using an introduction, conclusion and three body paragraphs. Next time have a think about your audience and perhaps use more formal language to clearly explain the benefits of water.