Friday, 14 July 2017

Day 7: Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Day 7: Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Dawn breaks on Day #7 – the final day of your Great Kiwi Road Trip. You wake up early, ready to make the long trek back to Auckland. Along the way, Curious Kiwi stops at two beautiful places, Taupo and Rotorua, for you to get out and walk around.

Activity 1: While in Taupo, you go for a walk around the lake and you notice pieces of rubbish floating in the water. You also notice that there is rubbish on the footpath. As you know, it is really important to put rubbish in the bin and keep New Zealand clean and beautiful for generations to come.
With that in mind, it is time think about what you can do to keep New Zealand beautiful. Use your imagination and come up with three things that you could do to make your neighbourhood more beautiful. Post your list on your blog ☺
Well the first thing that came to my mind was to have a bunch of pictures that look like this
Image result for filthy rubbish 
and next to it saying "Do you want our neighbourhood to look like this?". Link to pic
Next I would get some chalk and draw fishes or turtles around the drains that would say something like "Stop feeding me trash". This idea actually came from my teacher because at the time we were learning about Water Pollution and we decided to draw fishes saying "Help" or " Respect the ocean ". It would look like this.

Lastly I would advertise about how important NZ is and that we have to keep it clean. 
Image result for keep new zealand beautiful
Activity 2: After you have finished up in Taupo, it is time to hop back in the car and head for Rotorua – a town where will have the chance for some much needed rest and relaxation. In fact, you will visit the Tarawera Bush Pool – a geothermal hot pool that is located in the middle of a forest. The warm water in the pool comes from underneath the ground. After a few hours in the pool you feel really relaxed.
On your blog, post a picture of yourself doing something relaxing. I find reading really relaxing. Here is a picture of me reading one of my favourite books!
H:\Blogging Study\WLJ 2017\Rach - Selfie (reading).jpg

I also love reading so here I am reading too even though you can't see my face.
After a long soak in the natural hot pools, it is time to get back home. Your family and friends can’t wait to see you and they can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. Take a moment to think about what you have seen and done over the past week.
Bonus Activity: On your blog, post a video or write a description about your week. What have you learned? What did you like about the trip? What didn’t you like? Was there anything that surprised you?
To earn full points for this activity, you must talk about what you learned, what you liked and what you about your great kiwi road trip.
Well I learnt a lot of new things like
  • Laura Dekker
  • Possums
  • Hector's Dolphins
  • Whale Rider
  • Farewell Spit
  • Otago Rail trail
  • And lootttss more!
My favourite part about this trip was learning about my beautiful country. I now know more about NZ. Other than that I enjoyed the activities. Hopefully when I go back to school I am a little smarter.
I'll also like to thank those who commented on my blog and to Rachel for organising this.

Image result for winter learning journey
Well, New Zealand truly is a stunning country, isn’t it? I think that we are so lucky to call it home! Let’s make sure that we do everything we can to keep the country safe and clean for future generations…


  1. Hey Davarni,

    I am so happy that you have completed the 7 days of the Winter Learning Journey. Anyways I enjoyed reading your plan on how to keep NZ nice and clean.

    I am 100% sure that your plan will be a success. Keep up the Great work!


    1. Hi Telesia,

      Thanks for the positive comment I sure hope people keep NZ beautiful.

  2. Hola Davarni!,

    Great job on today's post!, throughout the WLJ you've done a spectacular job. In all your posts you have put alot of detail and thought in each activity!. Good on you for completing the Winter Learning Journey!, i'm very proud of you.

    I especially enjoyed reading your very detailed plans on saving our community. I'm positive that they're going to be a success. I too! love reading, that's also what I included in my post!.

    Once again, great job!. Keep up the excellent work!.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hola Luisa,

      Thank you for always commenting on my blog. I appreciate your kindness. But i'm also glad that you enjoyed my posts and were always there to compliment me on my work.

      Thank you!
      - DB

  3. Hi Davarni,

    Well done! I am very pleased to see that you have completed the Winter Learning Journey, you have done really well! What have you read this holiday? Could you recommend anything to your peers? If you would like to earn extra points, you can fill in the survey about the WLJ to give feedback about the programme. Check it out here

    1. Hi Miss. Stone,

      I am also pleased to have finished the journey so now I can rest. I don't really have anything to recommend other than try your best and never give up.

      Thanks for the offer Miss. Stone but luckily I have already filled in the Survey. :)

  4. Hi Davarni,

    Congratulations on finishing the Winter Learning Journey programme. You have done so well! I particularly liked the pictures that you posted in Activity #1 that highlighted the importance of showing respect for our natural world by cleaning up after ourselves and in Activity #2 of you relaxing by reading a book. I can see from the front cover of the book that it is called 'Bad Guys' but I can't quite see the name of the author. Could you please tell me who wrote it? I'm always looking for interesting books that Aronui might like...

    Do you think that it's a good book? Would you recommend it? I hope that you will now have lots of time to put your feet up and relax. You have done a fabulous job with the journey and, hopefully, learned a lot about this amazing country that we call home.

    I will look forward to seeing you at Glebrae early in Term 3!!

    Until then, take care :)


    1. Hi Rachel,

      Thank you for congratulating me I really appreciate it. The author of The Bad Guys is "Aaron Blabey".

      In my opinion I think that this book is fun to read because there's a whole series and the characters in the book are funny and interesting. So I would defiantly recommend this book.

      - Davarni

    2. Hi Davarni,

      You earned it! Thanks for sending me the name of the author of 'The Bad Guys.' I will definitely look for it. I wonder if I can find it in the local library. Do you know if you can find it in the library?

      Rachel :)

  5. Hey Davarni,
    Congrats on finishing the Winter Learning Journey,You worked so hard! I hope you enjoyed your book? What are you going to read next? What was the book about?

    -Good Luck!

    1. Hi Anita,

      I'm actually not planning on reading instead I decided to write.

      The book was about 4 "bad" guys who try to become good. They try their best but poeple mistake them for bad guys.

    2. What a interesting book! Well,Have fun writing!


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