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In early June or late May Matariki is celebrated. Matariki is known as the  Maori New Year. It is also called The Eye of God, Tiny Eyes, or Pleiades.

There  are seven stars -
  • Ururangi
  • Tupua- rangi
  • Waita
  • Matariki
  • Waipuna a  rangi
  • Tupau-nuku
Matariki is celebrated by gathering with whanua & remebering  those  who have pasted. They also have a feast and celebrate by dancing & singing.

Matariki is celebrated by the Maori. It is also known to be the Maori New Year.

You can also see Matariki with your own eye but if you have a telescope you’ll be able to see it closer.

Pleiades can only be seen in New zealand.

Matariki in other languages:
Tongan - Mataliki
Samoan - Mataili
Hawaiian - Makail’l
Japanese - Sabaru

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