Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Dog Handlers Visit

Dog Handlers Visit

Today on the 26th of September, Glenbrae school had a special visit from the police dog handlers. Dog handlers are people that have the role of a normal policeman they just use a dog to help them.
In this case two men came to our school with their dog, Kase.
Collin, held tight onto kase’s leash while they walked into the middle of everyone. He explained what, how, where, why, and what the dog and Collin does.

Kase is a male german shepherd that weighs 39kgs. He was trained ever since he was a only a few weeks. They came from Wellington’s Dog School. They taught him how to do many thigns. Now Kase works with Collin and Grant to help catch bad guys.

Towards the end, Grant grabbed a sleeve which was soft but protective. Kase was realsed from her leash as Grant ran away. Kase ran after him, catching Grant under 3 seconds. We were suprised to see how fast he could run and how hard he could bite. At the end we got to ask questions and even pat the dog.
I learnt quite a lot from what Grant and Collin had to say. It was very interesting.

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