Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Kayaking at Camp


On 23rd August 2017, the year 7 & 8 students from Glenbrae school went kayaking at  Russell, as a part of our school camp.

At first we collected our kayaks and paddles. Everyone helped each other to put on our life jackets and got ready. Before we got into the water we discussed about how to stay safe and how to get into a kayak. We also talked about rafting up, which is when everyone comes together and holds onto eachothers kayaks. This part was really easy to understand since the rules were easy to follow. So then my buddy and I carried our kayak towards the cold water.

Minutes later we were already in the water and paddling. I found it really easy. It took some time to get everyone calm and come together.
We all had to meet at a buoy near by. I could see our leaders hand waving up and down, I quickly decided to paddle to them. They told us that if you want to go fast, go slow. So I paddled slow but with lots of strength. Once everyone gathered together, our leader told us that we’re gonna cruise around the coastline. That is where a lot of rocks are, so we had to be careful.

As I was kayaking I felt the chilly water splash onto my togs. I didn’t care at the time, as I was focused on going fast and having fun. The scenery was so astonishing and pretty. The water was soft and calm, just like the sky.
The blazing sun shined down on all of us, luckily we put on sunscreen. We were metres away from shore. Like I said, we were cruising along the coastline. So there were small caves, big trees, and tiny bugs. As we travelled further and further away, we ended up in a large area. I may not have mentioned but kayaking is a very exhausting activity. So since I was one of the ones in front, I got some time to rest. I saw the stress and tiredness on the other students faces, I knew they were tired but they were still having fun.

As soon as everyone was together, we took some photos. We held up our paddles with smiles on our faces. “KAYAKING” the instructor says. We all repeat after him as he takes the picture. Then we slowly drift away and start paddling back to shore. This part was very tiring, it made me so worn out that I  had multiple breaks. I made it to shore quick enough to have some chill time. One by one everyone started  coming back. We still had some time to play, and so we chose to go for a swim.

The water was so cold but refreshing and cool. I first did a starfish position because my arms and legs were too tired to move. Moments later one of the leaders say that we’re gonna be swimming to the buoy and back. I liked races so I swam as if a shark was chasing me. I made it to the buoy but I was huffing and puffing till I caught my breath. “Take a photo” says my teacher. One of the students on shore held up her phone and took a few photos.

Since we knew we had memories of our  amazing experence we all swam back to shore to get back into the car and head back to HQ.

I really loved kayaking, I would defiently do it again one day.


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  2. Hi Davarni,

    I loved reading your lovely recount on your Kayaking trip. I also enjoyed it as it was very very fun. I loved your nice and descriptive that you have used in your recount and your huge paragraphs.

    Keep up with the amazing work!

    King Regards,

  3. Malo e lelei Davarni,
    I enjoyed reading your writing and it's great to see it was your first time. Keep up all the good work and continue to write recount's.

    1. Kia Ora Salote,

      Thank you for reading my work.
      I hope you're also doing well in your work.