Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Pt England Production - Live Stream

Pt England Production - Live Stream

Yesterday the whole of Glenbrae school went to Pt. England school to see a live production.
Kids dressed up as animals and objects. There were 5 main chracters all based on New zealand animals.

 There was a Pukeko, eel, possum, tutara, and a frog. The eel got very sick due to the filthy rubbish she was surrounded  by in her lake. So the 4 other friends set to find their friend another place to live. The tutara called upon the Taniwha. The Taniwha took them to many extraordinary places including: antartica, the amazon rainforest, dessert, london, rocky mountains, and others. All of the places they visited were not suitable for the eel to live in. So once they got back to New zealand, all 4 of the friends decided to stay where they are but clean the area. They picked up all of the rubbish, making the eel healthy again.

At first I was impressed with the amount of confidence they had. Also the acting was not bad. I just think that the mic should be fixed or replaced, because it was kind of annoying and I couldn't hear some of the things they were saying.

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