Thursday, 26 October 2017

What is Halloween?

What is Halloween?

Known to be a scary holiday, Halloween or All saints eve is a popular holiday celebrated on October 31st. Years ago, the main purpose about Halloween was to remember the dead. Instead of getting lollies the whole idea of Trick or Treat was to Trick, kids especially would throw eggs or toilet paper at people’s houses.
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They celebrated with wine, money, telling jokes and reciting poems. People also wore costumes to blend in with the dead. Souling and carving pumpkins was also a fun activity people did.
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But unlike today children go trick or treating around, to collect lollies. They’ll dress up as a fiction but scary character. Because Halloween is such a festive holiday, America in particular spends 6 billion dollars just to buy costumes and candy.
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There are many ways to celebrate Halloween, you just gotta know how to do it right. So as we know, America spends millions of dollars, but to be honest, we don’t really need to spend that much money. So to be wise with your money, you could make some DIY costumes. There very easy to make, just search up what type of costume to make and follow the instructions.
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Many kids and adults go trick or treating to collect lollies but if you don’t or don’t want to celebrate Halloween, just watch some scary movies or carve some pumpkins.
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So in the end, whether or not you’re are going trick or treating, just remember why Halloween is celebrated and how it is celebrated.
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