Thursday, 21 December 2017

WK1 SLJ - Activity 1, 2 & 3(D2)

SLJ - Activity 1: A house or a home

In the 1800s, most Māori lived in villages called pa. Each village had many buildings – kauta where people cooked, pataka where they stored goods and wharepuni where the Māori slept. A traditional wharepuni had a thatched roof and walls made of timber, fern, rushes and bark. Look at the picture below of a traditional wharepuni. Does it look like your house?

On your blog, compare the wharepuni to your own home. What are two similarities and two differences between a wharepuni and your house?

This is a diagram I made which  includes the similiartes and differences between my house and a wharepuni. In my house I have windows and furniture. In a wharepuni their is only 1 room and their are carvings on the inside and front, those are things my house doesn't have. But both the wharepuni and my house has slooped roofs and people sleep in the houses.

SLJ - Activity 2 - The rules of engagement

During the early years in New Zealand, men and women would often marry at a young age. Women were expected to have babies and remain in the home caring for their children. Few, if any, left home in search of work. Men, on the other hand, were expected to work outside of the home.

These days, we don’t have the same strict expectations about work. Girls and boys can choose their own path in life. In fact, I was lucky enough to go to university and to follow my dream of becoming a teacher!

What is your dream job? Draw a picture of yourself doing your dream job and post it on your blog. You could be a doctor, an actor or even a zookeeper! I have drawn myself taking a picture of a beautiful castle in Poland because I would love to become a travel blogger and photographer one day.

When I grow older, my dream is to become a photographer or a writer.

SLJ - Activity 3(Bonus): Special meals 
Back in the 1800s, most Māori ate a simple diet. They ate foods that they could catch in the water (eg. fish) or grow on the land (eg. kumara). They did not have access to a supermarket to buy food for their meals! Speaking of meals, what is your favourite meal? Mine is wood-fired pizza. Yum!

On your blog, post a picture of your favourite meal. Be sure to tell us what it is and why it is your favourite. You could also include the recipe if you have it so that we can all try it!

My all time favourite food would defiently be Sushi. It's nothing new or unique but I really like it. My favourite kind would be Teriyaki Chicken, but unfortunately I do not have a recipe for it.

Image result for sushi teriyaki


  1. Hi Davarni!

    What a fabulous blog post! I can tell you have put lots of effort into your answers and making your post exciting for your readers.

    I think it's excellent that you've organised your ideas about the wharepuni into a venn diagram - it helps both you and the readers understand your thinking and is a good choice of graphic organiser. You've made some really good comparisons too!

    I love that you've taken the time to hand-draw a picture of yourself as a photographer and a writer - it's awesome! I think you have a talent in drawing too! What inspired you to want to be a photographer or writer? I'd love to be a writer some day too and write my own book - a big end goal! I love journalling and getting my ideas and thoughts on paper.

    We think the same - I loooove chicken teriyaki sushi too! It's my favourite food! I wouldn't know how to make it either, but I think St Pierre's Sushi is the best. Where's your favourite place to buy it?

    Keep going with your awesome blogging Davarni!

    Nicky :)

    1. Hi Nicky,

      I don't really know where my inspiration came from. I think I just really like writing and photography that it became my dream occupation for my future.

      I also love to buy my food from St pierre's Sushi.

      Thank you for your positive comment :)


    2. Hey Davarni,

      Fair enough - if you enjoy it, that's a great reason to make a career out of it! I enjoy working with children and teaching them, so that's why I became a teacher.

      Great choice - St. Pierre's is best!

      Nicky :)

  2. Hi Davarni!,

    Well done on completing day 2 of the summer learning journey. I absolutely loved your drawing because it is so creative.

    I think your diagram was well done and I have noticed how much effort you have brought into this activity.

    WoW! I knew you were gonna choose sushi as your favourite food. I mean why wouldn't you? its so delicious right? Fantastic work adding the photo just in case no one knows what sushi is.

    This blog post is well done and cant wait to see day 3! Keep it up Davarni!

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Telesia,

      Thank you, I apperciate your thoughtful comment.
      I'll also check out your blog to see how you are doing so far.