Monday, 8 January 2018

WK4 SLJ - Activity 1,2 & 3 (D1)

Activity 1: Celebrating a win

In 2000, the country of New Zealand celebrated when Russell Coutts and his sailing team won their second straight America’s Cup. This was the first time that a team from New Zealand had won back-to-back championships! Many people celebrated the victory with their friends and family.

On your blog, tell us what you and your family do to celebrate special events, such as birthdays. Do you have a special meal or go to a specific place? In our house, we usually make a pizza and bake a special cake. What about you?

On special occasions such as a birthday, we would have a feast that the birthday person likes. We would give presents and let that person have free time, meaning no cleaning/chores.
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Activity 2: Lord of the Rings

Arguably one of the most famous movie trilogies of all time, The Lord of the Rings, was filmed in New Zealand. All three movies were directed by a New Zealander named Peter Jackson. The first movie was released in 2001, the second in 2002 and the third in 2003. The movies cost an estimated $300 million to produce!  

Imagine that instead of spending the money on the movies, Peter Jackson decided to give all of this money to you. Lucky you! On your blog, tell us what you would do with $300 million dollars. How would you spend it? It is a lot of money so please think carefully about it and spend it wisely :-)

First I would help pay the bills. Then I would put some aside for college. After college I would go to university. After I get my degrees I would travel the world and live in a foreign country, most likely South Korea. Then I would buy a house and get a dog. After that I would continue to write novels which would help make more money. But of course I would not forget about my family, so I would keep helping them out and visiting them.

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Activity 3: The Rise of the "Selfie"

Although most of you are quite familiar with the idea of taking a ‘selfie’ (picture of ourselves), this was not always the case. In fact, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that people started talking about the idea of a selfie, taking selfies and posting them online.
In honour of the rise in popularity of the ‘selfie,’ take a selfie and post it on your blog. Try to show us at least one of your hobbies or one your favourite things (maybe a special toy or book). For example, here is a selfie of Hazel drinking a big mug of tea, and Rachel with her son, Aronui, attending a Paw Patrol show!

This selfie includes my friend (Telesia) and me.
I really enjoy spending time with her.


  1. Hi Davarni,

    Well done on completing this activity. You have done so well during this journey!

    I am very emotionally happy that you love spending time with me. For I also enjoy spending time with you. Thank You very much!

    I loved your plan on how you would spend your money. I think that you would definitely use the money very wisely.

    Hope you are having an amazing holiday! Keep it up!

    Good Luck!

    1. Hi Telesia,

      Thanks, I also hope you are having an amazing holiday.

  2. Hey Davarni!

    Thanks for doing such a fabulous job with your tasks! You make them enjoyable to read :)

    That sounds like a pretty good way to celebrate birthdays and special occasions. You pretty much let that person do what they want to and shower them with love and gifts. I remember when my best friend got married, I wanted to make the day all about her and do anything she needed help with. And it was such a cool day!

    Wow, it sounds like you have a great plan for the $300m! I like that you;d do things that will help you achieve awesome things and use it wisely. $300m is a lot of money! Would you splash out on anything crazy??

    Thanks for sharing your selfie! The dog ears are always cute! It's cool to see you enjoying time with your friend, Telesia, and also cool that you're doing the Summer Learning Journey together :)

    Nicky :)

  3. Kia Ora Davarni,

    Wow,You have such an incredible plan on how to spend your $300m dollars.Your so thoughtful on also focusing on your family and also providing for them.

    It's also thoughtful of you to be doing the Summer Learning Journey with your best friend,Telesia.

    Keep up the Hard Work Davarni!

  4. Hi Davarni,

    That is one way how to celebrate a special Event!

    Also that is a good plan about how the way you would want your money to work. 300 millions is a lot isn't it!!

    Also Well done on your selfie which includes your best friend. Have the best 2 last weeks until school, which we get back to learning.

    Keep up the great work!!!


  5. Kia ora Davarni,

    My name is Emiely (pronounced “Emily”) and I work alongside Nicky at the Summer Learning Journey!

    That is a great selfie of you and your friend Telesia! I really enjoy spending time with my friends too. I've just come back from a fun weekend away with my three friends. We went to Tauranga and went to a water park called Waimarino! We went kayaking, rope swinging, water trampolining, rock climbing and more.

    What are some fun things that you and Telesia like to do? What places do you go to?

    It's awesome to see how actively you have been blogging this summer. I know the Summer Learning Journey team have enjoyed reading and commenting on your blog. Just a reminder that you can earn bonus points by commenting on other children's Summer Learning Journey blog posts. I'm sure they would appreciate your thoughtful and helpful comments.

    Noho ora mai,

    Emiely :)