Tuesday, 9 January 2018

WK4 SLJ - Activity 1,2 & 3 (D2)

Activity 1:Chasing Great

Over the past 17 years New Zealand has experienced a number of sporting highlights, perhaps none larger than the back-to-back Rugby World Cup victories in 2011 and 2015. In both competitions our national rugby team, the All Blacks, was captained by a man named Richie McCaw. He is arguably one of the best rugby players of all time. A movie called Chasing Great was recently created to document his incredible rugby career.

Please watch the trailer for Chasing Great and read about Richie McCaw online. On your blog tell us three things that you learned about Richie that you did not know beforehand. What else would you like to know about Richie?

#1: During the 17 World Cup, he really understood and knew who th All Blacks 

#2: Although he was not a talented athelete he was a boy full of ambition

#3: He was a hardworking, desirable, extraoridnary, and talented captain of the All Blacks
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Activity 2: Sporting Heroes

In 2015, a kiwi golfer named Lydia Ko became the youngest woman in the world to reach the #1 ranking.  She was only 17 years old. Many people from here in New Zealand and overseas really admire her and think of her as a modern-day sporting hero. Who is your sporting hero? They can be a famous athlete, or even a member of your family or community. It’s completely up to you.

On your blog tell us about your sporting hero. Who are they? Why are they a hero? Include a photo of them in your blog post.

My sporting hero is Lisa Carrington. She is an incredible rower, and last year she was awarded the prestigious  Lonsdale Cup for her amazing results in 2016! She spends hours training, and I think her commitment to her sport is inspiring.

My sporting heroes are my sisters. They used to play netball at the ASB Netball courts. They've also won a few medals and trophies. I'm proud of their achievements and so it encouraged me to play Netball aswell. 

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Activity 3: Shake it Off

In recent years, many New Zealanders have embraced a new form of exercise called Zumba©. It was developed by a man named Alberto Perez who lives in the country of Columbia. He created Zumba by bringing together many different dance styles including: cumbia, mambo, hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, tango, merengue and mambo.

Choose one of the dance styles mentioned above and click on the name to read more about it. Once you are done, post three interesting facts about the dance style on your blog. In which country did it originate? Who originally created it?  

Dance style: Salsa
Which country it originated from: Cuba
Who orginally created it: Cuban Son

Other facts: 
The salsa is a mixture of latin dances and styles
Salsa became popular around the 1970s
American soldiers first encountered the Salsa during the Cuban war of 1898.

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  1. Kia ora Davarni,

    My name is Robin. I am a Phys. Ed. teacher. I love all sports. Have you ever been to a rugby game where Richie has played? I was lucky enough to go to the world cup final where he had a broken foot and he played on. He was legendary. It was also a very tense game. We won 8/7 I think.

    I love it that you have your sisters as your sporting heroes. Are they still playing netball? Do they play for a club? How long have you been playing netball?

    Ma te wa,

  2. Hi Davarni,

    Wow! It is wonderful that your sporting hero is your sisters. What a fantastic choice!

    Salsa is a great dance isn't it? It has fantastic dance moves and has great music. Would you ever consider learning this Salsa dance?

    Keep up the fantastic work! You are nearly finish!


  3. Annyeong Davarni,!

    It is very sweet that your sisters are your sporting heroes. They seemed to really inspire you.

    Richie McCaw is such a amazing rugby player isn't he? Did you know that he became the All Blacks Captain at 23? He is so talented and inspiring.

    You have done such an incredible job,Keep it up!

  4. Hi Davarni,

    I can see you have chosen Salsa as your dance, and I can also see interesting facts about it as well. I never knew that the Cuban Son originally created the Salsa Dance until you put this blog post up. You've put a lot of fun detail in this blog post Davarni. Keep it up and keep moving with the SLJ because you have gone so far with these activities.

    - Anastaciaa

  5. Hey Davarni!

    Richie McCaw sure was full of ambition, even from a young age. He was hard-working and driven which lead him to his successes. I watched the Chasing Great movie last year and I was totally inspired by him and how he got to where he is! Have you seen the movie?

    It's awesome that your sisters are your sporting heroes. My brother was my sporting hero growing up because he was so committed to playing soccer, he trained so many times during the week and played 2 games in the weekends, and he just loved it. How old are your sisters?

    The salsa is a very cool dance style! I remember learning rock n' roll when I was at school. I think it was a little easier than the salsa to pick up but it was still hard learning a new dance. Have you ever tried learning a dance?

    Nicky :)

  6. Hey davarni,

    I agree with you that He was a hardworking, desirable, extraordinary, and talented captain of the All Blacks.

    He really is a good captain ins't he?

    That is a amazing sporting hero you got.

    Did your sister inspire you to play netball or you just watch it on TV and you really like?

    Salsa is an amazing dance. Would you want to learn it one day?


  7. Kia ora Davarni

    It sounds Like you Know a lot about Richie MaCaw. I Agree That Richie MaCaw Is a hardworking, desirable, extraordinary, and talented captain of the All Blacks.
    I also like how you Talk about how your sister are your Sporting Heros

    Keep up the Amazing Work