Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Why should Primary Schools teach Driving Skills?

Why should Primary Schools teach Driving Skills?

In my opinion, I think primary schools should teach driving skills to year seven to eight students. This would help them prepare for future tests related to driving. It may also be helpful for when they officially learn how to drive when they are older. Or even if the student is not passionate in getting their driver's license, surely along the journey of learning how to drive, they’d find a interest on wanting to. As an advantage for those who love car games, they’d be able to understand the proper meanings and how to work it properly, instead of just pressing random buttons.


  1. Hi Davarni. I agree with you that Glenbrae school should be tough to drive especially for those ones who wants to give it a try. I really loved your speech and I enjoyed it so much. Great Job:)

    1. Hi Mary,

      Thanks for the feedback! Hope you're having a great holiday.